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Shiva Prasath Palani

Shiva Prasath Palani is the Director - Business Development and Production of EGB Systems and Solutions. Shiva is primarily responsible for managing the business development, production and marketing operations of the company.

Shiva specialized in advanced web development, data analytics, and online marketing; and oversees the successful implementation of EGB’s Services including web presence, web visibility and back office support team.  He provides strategic direction for the growth of the business unit, its competitive advantage and long-term strategic position as a leading provider of its Services globally.

Previously Shiva served as Director at Scintil8 Branding & Web Visibility, a boutique digital marketing and design agency that specialized in creating brand lift through inbound marketing and integrated digital communication. He led and oversaw all development, implementation and maintenance of web presence and web visibility services. Prior to that Shiva spent three years driving the reach and impact of eLearning solutions to thousands of students for Virtuosity Skill Development,  India Academia Partner for Skillsoft Inc (USA), the global leader in eLearning. During his time with Virtuosity, Shiva headed implementations of eLearning solutions for workplace skills training at some of India’s highly reputed Universities and Colleges.  Shiva’s professional history also includes a stint as Director at Afflatus iLabs, that specializes in building Semantic Web and Linked Data applications. He led the development of one of the earliest prototypes of a semantic search engine in 2008, when the concepts of such a technology was still in its nascent stage.

Shiva holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Computer and Electronics Engineering from University of Nottingham (UK). 

Shiva is currently pursuing M.Sc. in Web Applications & Services with University of Leicester (UK) via distance learning,  further burnishing his expertise in the field.

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