Content Management System (CMS) facilitates easy website content management without getting involved with the technical intricacies of Web development. With CMS, content can be published, removed or updated, and several essential Web maintenance functions can be executed without the necessity of being knowledgeable about Web programming or using markup languages such as HTML.

EGB provides CMS for content management on the Web. We design and develop CMS that have a simple, easy-to-understand interface, and incorporated with powerful scalable features that enable you to respond to your dynamic needs in sustaining a dominant Web presence.

Our years of experience in custom CMS and open source CMS development equips us with expertise in CMS development over a range of technologies and with an array of features to choose from. EGB also offers solutions for Content Management Systems based on proprietary CMS systems such as Ektron CMS.


  • DotNetNuke
  • Symfony
  • CakePHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Smarty


We build Content Management Systems based on your requirements. Our Web application development team uses such technologies as PHP, Java, ASP and ASP.NET, to develop a CMS that is secure, feature-packed, scalable, flexible and standard-compliant.

We build custom CMS with comprehensive features for a variety of online exposure, to include

- Online Communities / Social Networking such as Blogs and Forums (SEO/search engine-optimized blogs & forums, site statistics)

- e- Commerce for online shopping, online banking, etc., (website search, online payment, instant messaging, live contact, contact management, product/service feedback forums)

- CMS websites (Entirely content-centric websites for complete content management)

- Business Websites (Live chat, live appointments, informative content, internal messaging, contact management, content versioning, data collection & reporting, bug tracking, blogs, forums, Google mapping)

- Complete database-driven websites such as job portals, wedding websites, bidding websites, event management websites, business directories (website search, online registration, online payment, management and integration of content from multiple sources, live chat, live feeds, live actions such as bidding)

- News websites, Online magazines and Entertainment websites (live news feeds, RSS, archive system, website search, easy graphic/animation incorporation, theme export/import facility, audio/video management, management and integration of content from multiple sources)

- Government websites (online registration, live appointments, live project bidding, live chat, live updates, help desk, content syndication/RSS)

- Information/Knowledge Portals, Educational websites (website search, content management, student blogs & forums)

- Personal Websites such as Celebrity websites (online registration, live chat, rich photo galleries and content, guest book)

- Document Content Management and Digital Asset Management


Our expert team of CMS developers has extensive expertise in bespoke Open Source CMS solutions. We perform CMS installation, CMS module customization; provide solutions for platform customization, CMS integration; optimize CMS-based websites to search engines; and maintain architecture through essential system and version upgrade.

We provide CMS customization for


We offer custom Drupal installation, Drupal template designing, Drupal feature enhancement and customization, SEO module integration, and maintenance of Drupal-based websites. We have a team of expert developers with expertise in understanding your design or functional requirements, developing solutions and translating them into modules, which are then integrated with Drupal open source modules to provide a secure and reliable website with an enhanced interface and powerful features.


EGB has certified Joomla application developers with expertise in developing simple websites to complete Joomla Web applications for business. Our Joomla development experts are experienced in Joomla installation, Joomla development, Joomla features customization, customized SEO module integration, and Joomla-based website maintenance. We deliver a variety of Joomla-based services, to include blog development and maintenance, e-commerce enhancements, document management, image gallery management and more.


We perform WordPress installation, WordPress module customization, and WordPress template design. We provide customized WordPress blog application, and render complete SEO support to increase the online presence of your blog. We have expertise in integration of third-party WordPress plug-ins; we also perform customization of third-party plug-ins, or develop customized WordPress plug-ins.


Our development team has extensive experience in developing news sites and information/knowledge portals based on PHPNuke-based CMS. We provide PHPNuke CMS installation, customization, PHPNuke-based website maintenance and PHPNuke SEO. We are experienced in third-party module integration that provides enhanced security for PHPNuke-based CMS. We develop custom PHPNuke modules to enable forums, news feed, private messaging, calendar and several other features.

Pligg CMS

We can enhance your Pligg-based social networking sites through feature addition. We have expertise in Pligg installation, Pligg feature enhancement, Pligg SEO and Pligg-based website maintenance. We can integrate third party modules or develop customized Pligg modules to suit your requirements.


Moodle is a CMS solution designed for developing online learning courses, online tests and quizzes, with rich interaction. We offer Moodle site development & maintenance, Moodle feature customization, Development of customized Moodle modules, and Moodle SEO.

Ektron CMS100/200/300/400.NET

We provide user interface design services for Ektron CMS-based websites, application enhancement, Ektron CMS integration, troubleshooting & maintenance support, and Ektron CMS consulting.

Our features for CMS are broad in scope, and we do not limit ourselves to a constant set of features; we keep evolving according to the requirements of the clients.

Comprehensive List Of Features That We Can Incorporate

- Audit Trail, Captcha, Login History, Problem Notification, Session Management, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), SSL Logins, SSL Pages, Content Approval, e-mail Verification, compatibility for better website security

- Online help, professional hosting, and professional services, for enhanced support

- Drag-and-Drop Content’ facility, e-mail-to-message boards facility, Mass Upload, prototyping, friendly URLs, Spell Checker, Undo options and UI Levels, for increased ease-of-use

- Database Replication, Export of Static Content, and Load Balancing, for higher performance

- Advert management (e.g.: banner management system), asset centralization & management, clipboard system, content scheduling, inline content management, package deployment, sub-sites support, deleted content recovery system, language translation system, Web statistics, for improved website management

- FTP support, UTF-8 support, CGI-mode support, WAI Compliance and XHTML Compliance

- Content reuse within a site, metadata incorporation, multi-lingual support, multi-lingual content integration, URL rewriting system

- Chat, Classifieds, Contact Management, Data Entry, Database Reports, Forums.

- Document Management, Events Calendar, FAQ Management, Graphs & Charts, Guest Book, Link Management, Mail Form, Newsletter, Photo Gallery, Polls, Product Management, Project Tracking, Site Maps, Surveys, Tests/Quizzes, Time Tracking and other customized built-in applications.

 Affiliate Tracking, Shopping Cart, Shipping Calculator Plug-in, Pluggable Tax, Subscriptions, Favorite Purchase Listing, for better e-commerce functionality.