EGB’s Training program is aimed at providing businesses and individuals with a cutting-edge. We build human competence and empower individuals and companies with knowledge and expertise. We offer educational training and professional development programs in IT, HR Management, Quality Processes, Business Administration, and Marketing. Our professional development training curriculum is customized to cater to the requirements of a range of commercial and government organizations.

Training.. Continuing beyond the Classroom

Discover True Learning through our Unique Teaching Methodology

“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember.
Involve me, I’ll understand.”

EGB implements a complete NO THEORY teaching methodology hitherto unpracticed in India. Our NO THEORY concept focuses more on practical implementation of concepts, rather than theoretical presentation, which deepens subject understanding, increases knowledge exploration, inspires innovative thinking, ultimately empowering the student to evolve.

Each program consists of short and distinct modules with each module focusing on a specific topic, which is followed up with immediate hands-on exercise. Every exercise is a client requirement. Scope of the exercises is explained and exercises are executed in a typical CMMI work environment. Each exercise needs to be completed within the scheduled deadline while progress is monitored.

EGB’s alumni are trained to apply their expertise to real-time business challenges, which not only familiarizes them to work environment, but also equips them with the resources required in such ambiences. As such, they are immediately absorbed into the real-time business stream immediately after certification.

Key Features : Training At EGB

Customized Training For Students and Professionals:

EGB provides different levels of training to students and professionals planning to change their field or area of expertise.

We evaluate education, experience and skills of students and professionals coming to EGB and help them choose from customized training solutions that best fit their knowledge and expertise

Real Project:

EGB has a unique feature ‘Real Time Project*’, offered as a separate module after successful completion of training. We offer’ actual project experience’ using live projects and guidance from professional project managers.Successful completion of the project ensures receipt of an experience.*Additional Cost Apply

Placement Assistance:

For a low fee, EGB will assist students and professionals on professional Resume Building and Interview Tips, to enhance presentation and guides in placement opportunities. EGB can also market students/professionals based on our clients and/or internal requirements.

Hotline Support*:

One-to-one personal support just a call away. EGB proudly presents hotline support which takes training beyond the classroom.Support via chat, email, & phone is provided in projects outside EGB Training. We have hourly packages that suit your need.