Visual representation of information creates a greater impact, and visual representation when strengthened by the art of Graphic Design, becomes a formidable marketing strategy element. An authentic graphic design blends creativity and functionality to convey precise information to the viewers, and thereby defines a distinguishing brand for the advertiser.

Graphic Design finds its application as a medium enhancing knowledge transfer carried out through a variety of channels, ranging from signboards, business logo and product/service advertisements to technical schematics.

EGB develops creative graphics for a range of business requirements within realistic time schedules. We stand apart through our holistic Graphic Design methodology that focuses not only on creating compelling designs, but also on internal and external factors that might impair optimal functionality of the graphic. Thus we focus not only on creating rich graphic designs for websites, but also incorporate essential technicalities to ensure that the graphic is SEO-friendly.

We provide graphic design for

  • Interface Design/Front-End Development (Graphics Design And Incorporation For Websites, Graphic Design For Software)
  • Logo Designing
  • Advertising Brochures
  • Pamphlets/Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Mailers
  • Presentation Folders
  • Datasheets
  • Catalog Sheets
  • Sell Sheets
  • Business Cards
  • Letter Heads & Other Business Stationery
  • Book Covers
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Rack & Rip Cards
  • Hang Tags
  • Buckslips
  • DVD, CD-ROM Covers / VHS (Video Home Covers)
  • Product Packaging
  • Property Sitemaps
  • Custom Invitations
  • T-Shirt/ Apparels
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Menus
  • Greeting Cards
  • Forms/Application Design
  • Arts/Images/Layout Design


Our design team reflects our creativity, vast experience and in-depth expertise. We are an impressive array of talented, experienced and immensely creative art directors, visualizers, concept developers, story board writers, graphic designers, programmers, animators, Flash developers, HTML & CSS developers, design testers, SEO specialists and project coordinators working together to create rich graphics.

An effective Graphic Design is an outcome of an in-depth insight into client requirements, business communication objectives, target audience behavior, and best practices applicable for each form of advertising medium. Our Graphic Design methodology includes the following phases:

Client Requirements Gathering & Analysis

Our Graphic Design team discusses requirements with the client through a well-thought out process involving active consultation, participation and involvement. We gain insight into client concept, objectives and design requirements, and prepare a detailed list of client requirements.

Project Planning

Once client requirements are finalized, the project blueprint is prepared. The flow of the project is defined. Attributes such as the type and size of the promotion medium (ex: business cards, letterheads, business stationery, brochures, newsletters, book pages or covers, mailers, etc.,) are defined during this phase.

Concept Development

What is that the client wants to communicate to his audience? How is the client different from his competitors? How effectively can his message be communicated through the proposed medium? Has the concept idea already been used? Several such aspects are to be deliberated upon before creating the best concept.

Concept can be a success only when it addresses something that has not been addressed hitherto, and such information comes only from thorough research and analysis of different aspects. We develop concepts based on insight acquired through

A) Business Analysis

In-depth information on client vision, business objectives, products, services and business practices are gathered through various channels, to include client discussions, educative reference materials such as Word documents, PDFs, newspaper & magazine clippings, press release archives and TV/radio commercials.

B) Competitive Intelligence

A thorough analysis of promotion media of competitors is performed. The design, colors, content, impact on audience, popularity, and other such determinant factors of competitor business cards, business stationary, brochures, and other promotion materials, are studied. Such analysis provides insight into areas where client can make a difference.

C) Target Audience Analysis

The target audience needs to be determined and studied thoroughly to understand how best the promotional material can be conceptualized. Knowledge of the audience regarding the brand/product/service, and the aesthetics of audience – their preferred colors, the designs that impress them, images that attract them, their verbal preferences that best communicate the intended message, cultural preferences – are to be focused upon to establish the right connection with them. Understanding potential customers helps design effective promotional materials that make them curious and draws them further to know about the brand products/services.


Once the concept is developed, color schemes, design layout, size and style, are finalized and worked on, keeping in mind audience preferences. Our Graphic Designers create layouts and styles that reflect audience preferences and best communicate the message of the advertiser to the target audience are created.


Logos, Images, Taglines, Technical schematics and Brand/Product/Service descriptions, are developed, setting the graphic design ready for submission to the client.


Logo Designing

A Logo is the identity of a brand. It reflects the brand’s quality, values, commitment, honesty, and is responsible for generating an initial impression of respect and confidence in customers regarding the brand products/services.

At EGB, our creative professionals create graphic designs that are visually appealing, relevant, interesting, innovative, convincing, inspiring, and successful at compelling audience to know more about the brand. We also perform digitization and vectorization of existing logos in various formats for printing and web applications.

We offer different types Logo Design, to include

  • Text Logo
  • Image Logo
  • Combination Of Image And Text
  • Logo With Initials
  • Animated 2D/3D Logos

With our expertise in Logo Designing, we can create

  • A Design That Is Simple In Concept, Elegant In Style, Understandable, And Reaches Out To Your Audience Easily
  • A Elite Logo That Elicits Interest In The Brand


EGB offers graphic design services for a variety of brand promotion media, to include, business cards, company logos, corporate brochures, business stationery, sales presentation folders, catalog sheets, book covers, custom invitations, and more, each designed with to attain the objective of marketing or reinforcing a product/service.


Graphic design enables enhanced user interactivity with Web or software interfaces. Our graphic designers work in close association with your software developers and web developers, combining creative skills with technical skills to design graphic interfaces that are easy-to-use and improve user interaction with the website or software application.


Icon design is a significant aspect of interface design that provides a simplified version of a concept to the user. It is the process in which computer programs, functions, or data, are represented in the form of tiny graphics. Icon graphics improve concept understandability through simplification of even complex concepts. We offer custom software and web icons that possess rich image quality, are stylish in design, and accurately convey to the user what they represent.


Flash expands the scope of visual representation of creativity enabling development of a variety of lively, splendid and unique Flash websites. We design partial/full graphic websites for business and personal websites. We have a team of Flash developers with expertise in creation of simple to complex Flash designs that are stunning in style, effectively describe the nature of the business/website and provide a truly engrossing visual experience to viewers.


Our expert Flash designers and Action Script developers develop dynamic database-driven web and mobile applications with Flash. We have database expertise in Mysql, MS Access, PostgresSQL and MS SQL.

We offer

  • Flash Intros
  • Flash Videos And Animations For Websites
  • Complete Flash Websites
  • Logos With Flash Animations
  • Flash Adverts And Banners
  • Database-Driven Web Applications Using Flash
  • CD Presentations Using Flash